Meridian Announces New Venture for ‘Maxima’ Effect

Meridian Announces New Venture for ‘Maxima’ Effect

Meridian Merchant Capital Canada Ltd. today announced a new joint venture initiative with local M&A gurus, MAXIMA Divestitures Group Inc. to create Meridian Maxima Group (specialists in the Buying and Selling of businesses).

This partnership is seen by the company as a final piece in cementing Meridian’s position as western Canada’s leading merchant banking firm serving the private, middle market sector.

“I have long held MAXIMA President, David Braun in high regard,” commented Meridian President and CEO, Keith Turner. “His reputation for executing on purchase and sale of business opportunities is enviable. Accordingly we have forged a new arm of our respective companies that will literally “MAXIMA –ize” our respective firms’ ability to execute on small to medium sized merger and acquisition opportunities”

MAXIMA Divestitures is a Calgary based decade old firm that has established a solid portfolio of transactions in the purchase and sale of business arena. Meridian and MAXIMA recently worked together on a significant transaction and as a byproduct members of both teams became aware of significant synergies, mutual respect, and an interest in formalizing a relationship going forward.

“I believe that MAXIMA’s deal flow and procedures, combined with Meridian’s infrastructure, human resource, financing capabilities, and access to capital will make a powerful duo working in tandem for the ultimate benefit of our customer base – namely $5-$50mn revenue companies looking to sell all or part of their business,” said David Braun.

Meridian MAXIMA Group will offer a full suite of services to both sellers and potential buyers of businesses, together with certain specialty advisory services in the area of corporate problem solving and “trouble shooting”.

“Both organizations have unique and complimentary styles, linked by a common passion to assist successful western Canadian entrepreneurs in succession and change of ownership situations,” added Turner.

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