Lennon Impact Media signs True Life Stories development deal with inspirational coach and kidney donor Pam Rankel

Lennon Impact Media signs True Life Stories development deal with inspirational coach and kidney donor Pam Rankel

HOLLYWOOD, California – A Vancouver Island, Canadian woman will be the subject of an adaptation of her incredible true-life story to be developed for a major motion picture or streaming series.

A December, 2022 newspaper article in the Vancouver Province https://theprovince.com/news/local-news/she-couldnt-save-her-sons-so-bc-pam-rankel-saved-someone-elses/wcm/aa756552-8418-4743-8387-2d3087af3fe0 about a live kidney donor prompted Canadian Film and Television Producer Randy Lennon to reach out to the journalist to connect him with Pam Rankel.

“I was taken aback by a 60 year old woman donating a kidney to a complete stranger,” explained Lennon.  “However, the mention of her motivation being the loss of two of her own sons, one of whom also witnessed his girlfriend being murdered, and then her triumphant battle with alcohol addiction, certainly had me curious about ‘the rest of the story’.”

Vancouver Province reporter Gordon McIntyre connected Lennon with Ms. Rankel and within a week an agreement was reached for her story to be part of a slate of motion pictures or series called The True Life Stories Project.  As an Executive Producer of the major feature Spinning Gold https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/spinning-gold-exclusive-trailer-premiere-wiz-khalifa Lennon and his partner acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Heather Hale are developing a slate of 10 other compelling True Life Stories. https://www.lennon.media/lennon-impact-media-announces-collaboration-with-heather-hale-productions/



“Those close to me have constantly been saying that my life should be a Netflix series,” laughed Pam, “and then all of a sudden I get this call out of the blue from Randy and everything just fell into place.”

Although her ultimate goal in sharing her story through a movie or series is to inspire others facing life challenges, Pam is also thrilled with how the media attention is already shedding much needed

light on the life or death issue of organ donation.  “I can’t believe how much attention Global News


is bringing out.  They keep running it on TV and online it was one of the most watched segments.  Great attention to the living donor program,” added Pam.

“I have been blessed to have worked with Heather Hale informally over the past eighteen months,” commented Lennon. “A rare, award-winning triple threat, her right-brain creative skills pair seamlessly with her left-brain financial savvy.” Heather, who literally wrote the books on How to Work the TV and Film Markets and Story Selling will be collaborating with ten amazing individuals with powerful, mass audience-worthy true life stories.

“Working together with our respective teams, Heather and I have created a new development model that allows the life rights holders to work with one of the best writers in the business while enjoying full creative control of the co-created IP, partnering with all production and distribution options open,” added Lennon. “For Heather and I, it’s all about making an impact and leaving a legacy while effectively working through the constantly changing maze of virtually unlimited options for bringing a project to a variety of screens. The Hollywood majors no longer have an exclusive monopoly on the industry. We’re excited to empower fascinating people to tell their own stories in their own unique ways while ensuring they are executed as commercially viable assets, all striving to be international hits.”

Pam Rankel’s is the fifth of ten projects that have been contracted and greenlit into literary development. Multiple projects are vying for the remaining five slots in the 2023 slate. Specific announcements will unfold as each literary asset enters the marketplace.”

About Lennon Impact Media

LIM is a full-service high-end content creator and developer in feature film, television, and streaming.  With a particular focus on aspirational, positive impact story-telling, the company is developing a slate of True Life Stories to take to screens in 2024 and beyond.


Lennon Impact Media is the corporate home for Randy Lennon’s past, present, and future feature film, television, and streaming projects. With over 45 years of experience, Randy has written, produced, directed and performed in more than 100 hours of broadcast television content ranging from the quirky Midnight with Randy Lennon television series from the mid-80’s, to The Chat Channel situation comedy starring the late, great Fred Willard in 1990, educational/entertainment programming developed in partnership with Alberta’s Access Television including Dave Chalks’s Computer Show syndicated across Canada and the US in the late 90’s, to The Ultimate Hockey Show (Global Television) in 2004 and a variety of non-scripted programs in the 2010’s including the nationally televised Biz 1on1 and reality shows such as Seller’s Market, and Realty Reality.




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