Lennon Impact Media Announces Collaboration with Heather Hale Productions


Lennon Impact Media Announces Collaboration with Heather Hale Productions

HOLLYWOOD, California – Randy Lennon, CEO of Lennon Impact Media today announced the formalization of their True-Life Stories Slate with veteran Film and Television Producer, Screenwriter and Director Heather Hale.

“I have been blessed to have worked with Heather Hale informally over the past eighteen months,” commented Lennon. “A rare, award-winning triple threat, her right-brain creative skills pair seamlessly with her left-brain financial savvy.”

“We have been developing an innovative business model to meet the unprecedented demand for content created by the global pandemic. Never before has such a large, global audience simultaneously consumed so much content while the worldwide supply chains producing that content ground to a halt for well over a year.”

“With this announcement today, we are thrilled to formalize this relationship and bring Heather officially on board to develop ten exciting, aspirational stories into feature film, TV or streaming screenplays or series pilots and bibles for production in 2024.”

Heather, who literally wrote the books on How to Work the TV and Film Markets and Story Selling will be collaborating with ten amazing individuals with powerful, mass audience-worthy true life stories.

“Working together with our respective teams, Heather and I have created a new development model that allows the life rights holders to work with one of the best writers in the business while enjoying full creative control of the co-created IP, partnering with all production and distribution options open,” added Lennon. “For Heather and I, it’s all about making an impact and leaving a legacy while effectively working through the constantly changing maze of virtually unlimited options for bringing a project to a variety of screens. The Hollywood majors no longer have an exclusive monopoly on the industry. We’re excited to empower fascinating people to tell their own stories in their own unique ways while ensuring they are executed as commercially viable assets, all striving to be international hits.”

The first six projects are contracted and have been greenlit into literary development. Multiple projects are vying for the remaining six slots in the 2024 slate. Specific announcements will unfold as each literary asset enters the marketplace.

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