Business Edge, Succession

Business Edge, Succession

How to ensure a Successful Succession

So how do you go about obtain–ing proper value for your business when it’s time for you to let it go and move on? And to whom do you sell it?

Perhaps you have some choices.For example, your sons or daughters who may or may not be the best qualified to run it.Or your long-standing managers, who definitely are qualified but may not have the funds available to do so.Or maybe your friendly or not-so-friendly competitors, who know you perhaps too well for you to be the best person to negotiate the sale.

Whatever, the circumstances, Meridian principals have worked on over 200 sale of business and management buyout transactions throughout North America and are well placed to handle all aspects of the process.From valuing your business, to finding and/or negotiating with a buyer for the best sale price, to providing/arranging “stapled” financing for a management buy-out, or perhaps adding new man-agement to ensure a smooth handover, we can make it all happen on a timely and effective basis across a wide range of industries and size of company.

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