Director of Business Development

Jason Dykstra

Jason Dykstra is a respected sales and business development leader and trainer who has worked internationally in executive positions in a variety of industries

Jason brings deep experience in sales, marketing, and business development to the Lennon Impact Media team. He has a consistent track record of generating significant sales increases through a variety of proven strategies and tactics that he has honed over his diversified career.

He is an expert in revenue generation who has proven his value in:

  • Sales Management – Managed a team that won over 30,000 long-term contracts in three years with Ontario Hydro Energy and attained 20,000 contracts within six weeks a key function leader in start-up Wholesale Energy
  • Direct Sales – Recruited over 700 new sales agents in six weeks and propelled his firm to beating industry giants as a new market entrant.
  • COVID-19 Response – Championed and developed remote selling in Canada, USA, and Caribbean for three companies during COVID
  • Sales Management – Recruited, trained and led large sales forces of up to 500 agents.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Development of AI sales process to spearhead commercial lead development of a $20 million pipeline of commercial sales in Ontario and Alberta in 8 months
  • Customer Loyalty Strategies – Rescued several client accounts looking to switch to competitors by revamping pricing and improving service delivery.
  • Start-ups – Director of Sales/BD for 3 startup companies that sold for 8 figures within 36 months of inception

Jason makes his home in Toronto, Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) Anthropology/Psychology, McMaster University.